Day Trading Tools for Beginners: The Heat Map

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Day trading tools are a big part of finding success as a beginner. Sure, day trading tools are not the only aspect of trading that matters; however, they will help make you more efficient as a trader! One of the most basic learning principles out there for beginners is the art of establish context. If you are trying to day trade (or swing trade) without any form of context, you are putting yourself in a less than desirable position. Our job as day traders is to leverage as many odds and probabilities in our favor as possible. This does not guarantee us to make money from our trade idea, but it gives us way better odds than randomly making moves. If you are making moves and decisions as a trader without context, its dangerous! This is why the heat map tool is so powerful! It is a day trader tool that is easy to use and understand. As day trader we don’t always have a ton of time to look things over, but that’s the beauty of this tool. It is extremely visual and you can gain insights into the context of situations within a few moments. While I’m not saying the heat map tool is the holy grail and will cause money to rain down from the sky, what I am saying is it is a tool that should be considered if you are looking to leverage as many odds in your favor as possible! Let me show you how this day trading tool works and the power of context it brings!

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