Day Trading for Beginners | Win Rates Explained

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One of the most common misunderstandings with beginner day traders (been coaching traders since 2013) I see is in regards to the “win rate” of a strategy. To be fair to these new day traders who are just getting started, it’s a totally logical thought to have. You are being a rational person to believe win rates are a vital part of any day trading strategy or system. In all actuality though, this is not true and why the idea of “win rates” needs to be explained. Win rates are important, but, they are not nearly as important as many beginner traders think. When you are learning how to trade and build a day trading strategy that works for you and gives you consistent results, one of the first things you need to do is set the win rate component on the back burner. While I love your competitive attitude and desire in “wanting to win”, this normally worthwhile attitude can cause a whole lot of pain within the world of day trading online. There are some other (way more) critical areas of learning how to trade that must be mastered before you put any focus on trying to increase how often you win in a trade and make money. Let me show you some real life results where I use my own personal day trades that were captured, live, on video. This way you know you are not being preached to “in theory”, but rather, with real life results.

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