Day Traders Fail Because of Situations Like This…

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I want to share a situation that just happened to me that is a large reason why so many traders fail. Because of situations like you are about to see in the video, many traders are taken to places they should not go and ultimately, will eventually fail. No worries, I will not be lecturing at you “in theory” and talking about how I once read in a book that this is how it could happen. Nothing like that! I will be using some of my personal day trading results that show situations like this occur, and then how they can potentially spin out of control. Whether you are a beginner day trader who is just getting started or someone with day trading experience, it can never hurt to be reminded of how situations like this can lead to failure. While I can not say that these situations will show up the exact same for all traders, I can say that the underlying issue remains true no matter where you are in your day trading career. The only difference is how well you can identify the potential traps and pits that will try to swallow you up as you proceed through your day trading journey. Let me show you what I mean with an emotional situation I experienced first hand.

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This article details one of six fundamental reasons silver prices are about to explode. Read this article and buy silver now… before it’s too late. This fourth article discusses the concept of paper silver (e.g., bank certificates) that may not be truly backed by real silver and the impending impacts if they are not.

The Forgotten Investment, Silver

Most of the talk these days centers on gold and gold investing. Its brethren, silver, appears to take secondary role as an investment metal and is thought of more as in jewelry and flatware than as a money making investment.

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Investment in Gold Can Be a Safe Haven For You

Investment in stocks and shares is a risky business and only professionals can buy them, however, if you want a safe investment for your money, then there is no better option than investment in gold. There is a direct or the physical means of gold trade in which you actually get the possession of gold. There is, however, another prominent method of gold trading and that is through the online platform.

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