Day Trader Tips: Learn From Loses? (nope! here’s why…)

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There’s an old adage for day traders stating “there are no loses, only learning”. While I understand the attitude behind the adage, can you actually learn from losing trades? Nope! I know this goes against what many others say, but let me give you a real life example of how trying to learn from loses can (and will) create more headaches for yourself. As a beginner day trader you are in knowledge consumption mode and constantly trying to learn. Any time there is a losing trade it leads you to the conclusion that you must have done something wrong, therefore, there’s a learning lesson to take away from the trade. You can spend hours going back over trades and analyzing every angle of them. Who knows, maybe you have a trade journal where you document all aspects of the trade and then pick over the journal with a fine tooth comb looking for “improvements” and “what went wrong”. As I mentioned, I totally understand this mentality and it’s certainly coming from a place of ambition and wanting to master the skill. With that being said, as I’ll show you in the video, this ambition will ultimately lead to way more pains than actual solutions. Let me show you what I mean!

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