Cryptocurrency Investing: The Question That Matters Most

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Cryptocurrency investing is quickly catching up to the world of stocks when it comes to investing and being overwhelmed. In the world of the stock market, there are literally thousands of ticker symbols and companies to choose from when determining an investment. In the world of the cryptocurrency market, the creation of new coins is exploding and creating that many more difference choices for coin investments. As a beginner to the cryptocurrency market and investing, you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and confused on where to start. At the core, investing is a matter of personal opinion and belief (which is what makes it so exciting and interesting); however, there are some logical places to start your research to ensure you are on a smart investing pathway. In this video I want to share with you a simple question that needs to be asked in order to point you in a logical direction when research crypto. The question is very straight-forward and does not require a college degree to ask! As long as you understand some baseline concepts in regards to the crypto market, then the question will make perfect sense and point you in the direction your research needs to head if you want to make money. Let’s get to it!

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How to Pick a Gold Stock

How long have they been in the business? About 20 years Is good enough. What type of experience do they have? Does their experience concern what their doing now. For instance someone who was successful in copper might not be successful uranium. Or some one who triumphed with an exploration company might not have the knack for a mining company.

US Gold Coins – A Prudent Investment

Fiat currencies are particularly at risk in these volatile times. Historically, fiat currencies were backed by Governments’ gold reserves, however increasingly fiat currencies are backed by Governments’ ‘promise’ to honor the value of a paper based currency. In fact there is no inherent value in paper (fiat) based money.

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins – Ancient Gold Beauty to Contemporary Bullion Investment

Austrian Philharmonic Gold coins are one of the most beautiful and well crafted in the world. Find out what makes these historic coins one of the most sought after and coveted of all gold bullion coins.

20 Solid Reasons to Own Gold Coins – Now!

There are very few things left that offer financial security; gold coins are the benchmark for value. They become a solid storehouse for your productivity.

Tips For Investing in Gold Coins

With all of the recent turmoil in the global stock markets, it is no secret that we are living in uncertain times. The more prudent investors have recently been turning to one of the safer forms of investment – gold, and gold coins in particular.

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