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Silver’s Shrinking Supply

Our silver supply is shrinking. Not only is less of the metal being mined, but fewer people are selling their scrap silver, which is about to impact prices.

Gold In Our Society

A brief look at the function of gold in society from antiquity to contemporary society. With emphasis on how gold protects wealth from inflation.

Why Do Gold Rates Keep on Changing?

These days gold is not only the most sought after for investment purposes and also for the jewelry market, but it is also used for manufacturing of certain medical devices and electronic devices. There are many factors that drive the change of rates of this precious metal. The Central bank reserves The Central bank holds paper currencies and also gold in its reserve.

Scrap Gold Tips

How to buy and sell scrap gold with a constantly changing market. Tips to maximize your profits in today’s market.

Has Gold Hit a Bottom?

Gold prices have been hit hard lately, but they may have hit a bottom. See why now is a great time to buy gold cheap, and discover why the precious metal is the perfect insurance against economic collapse.

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