COVID-19 Impact on Airlines: Why Are People Selling? | Phil Town

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It’s no surprise that COVID-19 is affecting the stock market. This week, Danielle and I explain how airline companies are being impacted, and why people like Warren Buffett are selling their market shares. Learn what you can be doing right now as an investor.

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Retiring – Is It A Tough Choice?

Retiring from job is an unavoidable necessity. When they have been in service for quite a long time most of the people long for retirement. Some might go for semi-retirement, while some might go for an early retirement.

Positive and Negative Aspects of Roth IRA

Roth IRA is one of the popular methods by which an individual can save money for the golden years of his life. It is a special individual retirement account that has both positive as well as negative aspects and in comparison to the standard individual retirement account, this one definitely stands out because of its unique benefits. It is a new investment account meant for retirement and is specially designed to help individuals develop the habit of savings.

How Much Do You Know About Roth IRA?

Out of the most popular retirement plans in the United States, we can safely say that Roth IRA is one that is most preferred by everyone. Retirement is supposed to be a peaceful, happy event in your life. After a hard working life, you deserve to slow down, take a break and do all those things that you have always wanted to do but never had the time or the money to do them.

Benefits of Federal Employee Retirement System

Retirement from service or the work is one turning point in the life of all employed. Some take this juncture as days of enjoyment and for some it turns to be filled with uncertainty. There are people from wealthy circumstances and inherits property and wealth.

What Do You Know About The 2010 Roth IRA Conversions?

Through the 2010 Roth IRA conversions a person can convert his entire or a part of traditional IRA funds to the IRA. These traditional IRA funds are namely 401ks, 403b, SEP-IRA etc. this Roth IRA fund is much beneficial than a traditional Ira fund because it is tax differed.

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