“Corporate Greed” is the Cause of Inflation? No

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I’m sure you’ve heard the narrative in the media and from some politicians that a big cause of inflation is “corporate greed”. I can understand this perspective and how some may automatically blame the companies who sell products and services. I mean, they “are” the ones who give prices and control them, so if those prices go up, then it’s the companies’ doing, right? Kind of. On the surface this topic may seem pretty straight-forward and self-explanatory; however, there’s a few considerations that need to be made before jumping to a final conclusion. The good news is, these considerations are nothing complicated and anyone who understands very basic math will understand. If the narrative of corporate greed causing inflation was true, then there are certain publicly available numbers that would have a certain relationship. As I will show you in this video, this relationship does not exist. In fact, the relationship that these two key statistics have in common completely disproves the overall narrative. Perhaps you have friends or family who prescribe to this notion that it is the corporation’s fault for higher prices, it is my goal this video will assist you in better explaining how their notion is generally not true. Or, maybe you are someone who just enjoys consuming knowledge and would like to better understand how business and economics work. Either way, this is video that I would argue all should watch if you seek being able to have better knowledge in regards to some of the current events in today’s society!

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