Copywriting, Social Media and Sales Consulting – Should You Do It?

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Our latest video is an exploration of the realms of copywriting, social media sales, and consulting, viewed through the lens of their viability as side hustles. Learn firsthand from our expert who regularly encounters proposals from individuals operating in these spheres.

Forewarned on the lifeblood of originality needed to distinguish oneself in these highly-saturated fields, viewers gain insights into the potential hurdles they could face and strategies to overcome them. The presenter eloquently illustrates the competitive landscapes of these careers, offering critical advice on avoiding the ‘dime a dozen’ malaise.

The video culminates in an intriguing proposition: if you can demonstrate originality that truly stands out from the crowd, this venture might be a wise and profitable decision. Tune in to get an insider’s perspective on launching a successful side hustle from an expert constantly courted by people operating in these fields.

Video Chapters
(00:00) – Introduction: The Appeal of Side Hustles
(00:25) – Experiences and Annoyances of a Potential Customer
(00:52) – The Industry’s Saturation and the ‘Dime a Dozen’ Dilemma
(02:06) – The Necessity of Originality and Standing Out
(03:15) – Conclusion: The Decision to Embark on This Journey

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