Congress Trading Stocks and Options {warning: this will make you sick!}

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I wish I could say some of this was a joke, but… it’s not. If you were not aware, it is possible for members of the United States congress to trade stocks and options within individual companies. If you’re thinking this sounds a bit sketchy on the surface, I’d have to agree with you! The very same people who are dictating and influencing the rules that a certain system must abide by are also participating in that very same system? This whole idea is already not off to a very good start; however, this is just the beginning. Not only is the rational and logic for all of this extremely laughable, but when you look into the underbelly of the rules, it becomes an absolute joke. To be fair, this is not a “one sided” problem. Members from both sides of the political aisle are participating in this nonsense. With all that being said, instead of me just sitting here and complaining about all the obvious problems, I wanted to share some solutions to these issues. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments in the comment section on this one. Fair waring, this is all going to make you sick!

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