Cathie Wood – Is Anyone Else Noticing This?!?!

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Cathie Wood had the positive pressing raining down from the sky in the past; however, given the current performance of her funds, things have taken a turn for the worse media wise. I’m not here to discuss all of that though. I’ll let the other media sources point out the obvious of just how bad her fund’s performance has bad. Among all the media coverage, from what I’ve seen, no one has mentioned this little fact that brings to light such a larger tactic that Cathie Wood is using. It’s a small little observation on my part, but in my opinion it gives us a deep look into her strategy. Let’s face it. Cathie Wood, despite her terrible recent performance, has a big following of very loyal followers that borders a cult. In order for her to remain their leader, she needs to keep her credibility and avoid a valid accusation of “being wrong”. If you are wrong enough, you’re no longer going to be considered a leader. In this case, it means people will sell your funds and you won’t get to collect all those juicy fees. Cathie Wood is deploying a classic talking point designed to do exactly this. She’s clever enough to know that by using this tactic, her followers can never accuse her of being wrong. She’s giving herself an excuse that needs to be called out, and that’s what I’ll do. I’ll let you decide from there.

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