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Car shopping can be a quest a person absolutely loves embarking on, or like me, a journey someone dreads. Whether you enjoy the challenge of car shopping or hate it, the one common ground I assume is both types of people want the best deal possible. I’ve never met a person who does not enjoy lower prices! There has been new car market data arriving that suggests if you do this one step, you will be able to give yourself an opportunity at lower car prices. The best part is, this “step” is super anti-climatic and will potentially cause you to accuse me of offering a clickbait video. All I ask is that you give me a chance to explain so you can understand why the solution to giving yourself lower prices is so straight forward and simple! A car purchase is, obviously, one of the bigger amounts of money you’ll spend so from a money management and wealth building standpoint, I would hope we can all agree we need to be as smart about it as possible. The markets are always changing and there is no way I could give this advice several months ago; however, at this point in time within the car market, doing one simple step will save you a whole lot of money. What is this step? What in the market is changing to create this opportunity for us as buyer shoppers? I go into that and more within the video!

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