Capitalism and Worker Exploitation

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The ideas of “capitalism” and “worker exploitation” have become more and more popular as of late, so given these are economic topics, I wanted to weigh in and give my thoughts. I know these can be very hotly debated topics and I totally understand how and why people get so emotionally charged over them. I will try to do my best to simply throw out a few thinking points. I also admit that a typical response on my part is pretty weak given some of the circumstances that could be involved around the situation. So, I hope we can all be fair and intellectually honest that there is plenty of room to find some middle ground within this debate. The term I created to focus on this topic that I needed to think more about is “the illusion of choice”. What is this illusion? How does it factor into the equation of capitalism and worker exploitation, that’s what you’ll find here. Please watch this video with an open mind and be willing to ideally find some middle ground!

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Silver Investments – Why Silver Prices Are Set to Soar

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Nothing is tax free but there are ways to circumvent the tax process without illegally trying to evade the payment of taxes. Tax free gold bars can also be bought. US tax laws are very complex as in some states you are liable for capital gains tax if you sell gold at a higher price than the one you paid for when you bought. No taxes are slaped on purchase.

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