Buying the Dip on Gold and Silver Prices 2021

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Buying the Dip on Gold and Silver Prices 2021

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Buying the Dip: Gold and Silver Prices During a Bull Market

It’s somewhat of a truism that buying low and selling high is the key to making investment gains. If only it were that easy. We unfortunately have only the benefit of hindsight, not foresight, when making our investment decisions. So while some investments may seem like no-brainers in retrospect, at the time we’re making our choices things aren’t quite as clear.

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Buying the Dip on Gold and Silver Prices 2021

Marc Faber Gold Stock Picks

Marc Faber has been bullish on precious metals for almost ten years. The author of “Tomorrow’s Gold” and the Gloom Boom Doom Report has been an outspoken critic of the expansionary monetary policies at the Federal Reserve. Faber is still bullish on gold although he is somewhat concerned that the price could fall to the $1150/oz range.

Gold Is The Safest Investment

While yesterday it seemed so profitable to invest your savings into a house or just put them safely in a bank account, today, after witnessing the collapse of the real estate market and the bankruptcy of major banks, maybe you feel differently about such investments. And don’t think your bonds are safer: there is a lot of speaking among experts about a possible bond bubble, as likely to burst as the housing one.

A Troubled Time For All Currencies

With the global financial crisis damaging former thriving economies and with the large sovereign debts of the developed countries, there is no wonder that all currencies are having a hard time these days. Gold, a hard asset, is no longer backing them, to protect them against government manipulation and inflation. It should come as no surprise that Switzerland, among the last states to abandon the gold standard (in 1999) and its currency – the Swiss franc – are doing better than others.

How To Buy Silver Bullion Coins And Bars

If you are in the market for buying silver bullion coins, there are some very important points you need to consider before making your first silver purchase. First you must decide how many dollars that you want to convert to silver bullion, and what kind of return on your investment that you expect. Another aspect that you need to consider is the storage of the silver bullion. Will you be cutting a hole in your wall and storing it behind the family portrait or will you purchase a heavy duty safe such as one used to store valuables? Many suppliers offer storage of product purchased from them at a fee. Many people do both.

Gold As Seen by Old and Modern Civilization

The value of gold as a currency is recognized then and now. Its being an icon of permanence and dominance is presently evident especially in today’s economic trend. The continued surging of its price and the turning of many investors to it as their safe-harbor confirms it. In the past, trading gold had always produced gains to many. At present, aside from it being considered a profitable business to a lot of companies, selling gold has also become some people’s means of procuring money they desperately need.

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