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Buy Gold Bars | Gold Bullion | Gold Coins | Gold Eagle
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Hello everyone, and welcome to this latest video on the Gold Investment Nerd channel! In this video we will be discussing something that I believe all investors should know, and that is how to buy gold bars. Please make sure to subscribe to the channel, as I release brand new videos every single day! And give it a like too! OK, let’s get into our buy gold bars video!

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Why Gold is a Good Investment?

Many cliches exist about gold. We sometimes say that some people in our lives and at work are worth their weight in gold. Then, a student is always ‘looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’. ‘Silence is golden’…

The Lucrative Business of Selling Gold Coins

Some people enjoy collecting gold coins while others derive more pleasure selling gold coins. The latter may be not only more profitable but also more pleasurable because you are also helping another collector add something to their collection. Before you begin embarking on a career selling gold coins you have to determine if you want to become a dealer or if your idea is to trade from your own personal collection of coins. Some collectors choose to trade amongst one another instead of going into the business of selling coins on a full-time basis.

Gold Eagle Investing Tips

Have you seen the privately minted quarter pound Gold Eagles? These were produced by the Washington Mint, and no the Washington Mint is not part of the actual US Mint, but rather a private minting company lucky enough to be located in Washington. Their products are really more along the lines of collector’s items and novelty coins than they are real, actual investment grade coins for serious gold eagle investing.

American Eagle Coins – The World’s Most Popular Bullion Coins

While the American Eagle coins are primarily valued for their gold content, it’s worth looking at their artistic content as well. They were selected as the US Mint’s primary coinage to offer investors looking to purchase gold bullion coins almost entirely based on its aesthetic qualities.

Introduction to Gold and Silver Investing

2008 was an interesting year for gold and silver investing. Towards year’s end we saw record numbers of new investors who chose to get into gold and silver investing, forgoing the usual stocks and realty investment options that have become turbulent and unpredictable, to put it nicely, over the last few years.

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