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It’s important to understand the best investing strategies—especially during a recession. Today, I discuss investing during an event, and explain why even in a down market, there are ways you can keep your money working for you in the stock market.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Opportunities to find companies on sale
00:48 – Companies to look for during a recession
01:11 – When to purchase
01:38 – Ray Dalio example
01:55 – Investing during a recession
03:32 – Inflation
03:49 – Small luxuries
04:17 – Cash flow
05:10 – Question


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The Options Regarding A Rollover 401k Plan

One of the largest vehicles for retirement in today’s economy is a 401k. This is a plan offered by many businesses to their employees. By the employee setting aside a certain amount each month it has become a benefit-defined retirement plan. Money put into this kind of a plan is invested which allows the money to grow but sometimes circumstances change and the owner wants to move it to a different arrangement. This is called a rollover 401k plan.

401K Withdrawal Rules Have To Be Followed

There are some 401k withdrawal rules which should be followed by everyone. These should be followed if you are going through problems like divorce, loss of job or a penalty. There was a creation of a new plan known as 401k retirement plan for those people who wanted to have a good sum of money at the time of their retirement.

Retirement, Roth IRA, And You

Retirement is something that everybody looks forward to. This is why it is best to prepare for it as early as you can. There are a lot of available retirement plans to choose from. Two popular retirement plans are the Roth IRA and the Roth 401k plans. These retirement plans provide an attractive and affordable package for individuals who wish to start preparing for their retirement at an early age as possible. To determine which plan will work for your, you can do a little comparison yourself between Roth IRA VS 401k advantages and disadvantages. Roth 401k and IRA Withdrawal rules are also useful to know.

Roth IRA Benefits and Withdrawal Rules

Roth IRA was formulated and authored by Senator William Roth of Delaware, as chief legislative sponsor, the retirement plan is named after him. This is a retirement plan that is generally not taxed.

Did You Know That You Could Tap Your 401(K) for Business Funding Purposes?

People who are laid off and who have spent months facing rejection in interview after interview finally get sick of it at some point. It’s bound to happen. It occurs to them that creating a job for themselves – their own business – could be a great idea when no one in the job market actually wants them.

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