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Did you know that Warren Buffett reads 500 pages per day? He says that, “Knowledge builds up like compound interest.” In this video I give you 6 book recommendations that are must reads for 2019 if you’re planning on investing.

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4 Advantages to Investing Early For Retirement

There are a lot of reasons why you should get started but the four advantages to investing early for retirement listed in this article are definitely reason enough to get you going. For all of these reasons the main point is that you’ll have more money when you retire and have an easier time saving overall.

How a 401k Works

There’s always more to know but these are the basics for how a 401k works and how to get one started. The accounts are set up through your employer and invested in a variety of ways.

Making Up Lost Time – Investing in 401K Later in Life

Ideally you want to start saving as soon as possible for retirement in your adult years but when that has already passed you by you need to focus on making up lost time by investing in a 401k later in life. A 401k is a great option because of its high contribution limits and contribution matches from your employer.

Am I Too Young For a 401k?

You are never too young to start investing in your future, so you’re never too young for a 401k. If your employer is offering you one of these accounts you should take advantage of it to get a jump start on your retirement saving goals.

The Roth Vs Traditional IRA

Roth IRA’s are similar, yet very different from Traditional IRA’s. IRA’s, of course, are Individual Retirement Accounts. These are retirement accounts that are regulated by the United States Government, as far as how old you can be to have one, the amount you can contribute, and what your income level is. Below, let’s examine the differences between them.

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