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Best Gold IRA

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Hello, and welcome to the most provocative gold investment channel on YouTube! I am your host, the Gold Investment Nerd and, as always, the information that I share with you in this video will be painstakingly researched, reputable and fair minded.

In today’s video I will be discussing the topic of what is the best Gold IRA, and I will include some links below the video to the company who are my #1 choice for gold IRAs, and you can get a FREE Gold Investment Kit from them.

You will find a whole variety of gold investment topics covered on this channel, from reviews of the top gold IRA companies to the best ways to invest in physical gold bullion, and much more too. I created this channel because I wanted to educate my viewers on the unique opportunities that investing in gold can provide.

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Best Gold IRA – What Is A Gold IRA?

Now, before we discuss what is the best gold IRA, I will explain what a gold IRA is first of all. A gold individual retirement account, or IRA, is a retirement account which gives the investor the ability to own hard assets, such as gold, palladium, platinum and silver, as opposed to the standard paper-based assets that a traditional IRA would be invested in. Prior to the Taxpayer Relief Act 1997, there was no provision to allow for investing in hard assets as part of an IRA.

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Gold IRAS are becoming a lot more popular amongst investors who wish to diversify their retirement holdings. The reason for this is because the price of gold, and other precious metals, moves inversely to the dollar. So, when the price of paper assets is on the decline, the price of gold is rising. This makes gold an excellent hedge against inflation, and therefore a very worthy asset to hold in your retirement fund. Taking an approach like this to your portfolio for retirement will minimize the long-term risk that you nay otherwise be exposed to.

Best Gold IRA – How To Set Up A Gold IRA

Because god IRAs are, generally, not offered by any of the main IRA or 401(k) custodians you do have to seek out a specialist firm to set up a gold IRA, but the process for this really is quite simple. Once you find a firm and open an account with them, they will arrange a rollover of funds from your current IRA custodian into your new, self-directed IRA, and once the rollover has been completed the funds will be used to purchase your choice of physical gold bullion bars and coins. The bullion you purchase will be held in an IRS-approved vault, until you reach retirement age and start taking disbursements from the account. You will have the choice of taking delivery of the bullion directly, or liquidating the assets in the vault and having the funds deposited directly into your bank account.

There are many reasons why investors choose to hold physical gold assets, whether it is as part of a retirement account like this, or if they hold physical gold bullion outright, and I will now go on to discuss the top 5 reasons why I believe it is important to invest in gold.

5: Gold Is The Only True Money
We don’t use gold as currency today, but its use as money means that it is superior to any currency used. In fact, gold has been used as money longer than any other currency ever. The price of gold may fluctuate, but its value is timeless.

Click the link to receive your FREE Noble Gold IRA Investment Kit ►►►

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