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Whenever I am compiling a list of the best companies for Gold IRAS I always begin by investigating the ratings that they have received from independent consumer advocates like the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance. These independent sites rate companies on a sliding scale, with A+ or AAA being the highest ratings that they award. If a company is awarded these scores it is a sure sign that they truly offer an outstanding service, and that they have earned their reputation.

IT is one thing for a company to be awarded a high score by an organization, but the real test of the best gold IRA companies is the reviews which current and previous clients have given them. You can easily find independent, verified, real customer reviews on websites like Trustpilot and Trustlink. These websites are entirely independent, and customers are not shy to let their true feelings be known when they leave a review on them. These sites show an aggregate of the score that reviewers have given the companies that they have reviewed, with 5 stars being the highest awards. You can also find real insights on how the companies really operate from the reviews. If a company goes above and beyond, clients will shout it from the rooftops.

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By utilizing these resources you will be able to determine which companies are worthy of you considering investing in a gold IRA with. Now that you know how to find the best gold IRA companies, I will quickly discuss the reasons why you should invest in gold IRAs

5: Gold Is The Only True Money
Although gold is not used as a modern day currency, it is well known as true money, and this makes it far more important than any currency in circulation today. Gold has been used as money for longer than any other currency you can name. Its price may vary, but the value of gold is timeless.

4: Gold Has An Inverse Relationship With The US Dollar
When the dollar is in decline, the price of gold will increase.

3: Gold Will Diversify Your Portfolio
It is important for all investors to diversify their portfolio, so as to protect yourself and the assets you have invested in from economic uncertainty. Gold is an excellent diversifier as it provides a hedge against inflation.

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