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The way Warren Buffett was speaking in the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting was different compared to previous years. What does this imply for the economy? This week, Danielle and I discuss the current market climate and how investors can prepare.

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Structure of a Good Retired Life

You were such a busy person for around 25 years of your life with work and suddenly one day, you have nothing to do. This is not easy. How much ever you wanted to retire and take rest, at least after some days, you will feel like you want to work again.

Go for A Planned Retired Life

Did you just retire? Are you complaining that you have no work to do? Or are you in a situation where you have excess free time and so in a depressed state?

Plan Your IRA – How Can You Do That?

Retirement planning is an easy enough job. Agreed that there are a lot confusions and doubts regarding the same subject, but this is one major decision in your life. The amount you save determines how secure your retired life is going to be.

Going to Retire? Say Good Bye to Tensions

You might have worked for so long now. An average person works for about 25 years before they retire. By then, most of them would want to retire.

Where Can You Open Your Roth IRA?

Have you started planning for your retirement? Better get started, time is running and you have to run with it. It may sound like a real tough nut, but really its not.

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