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People usually view money the wrong way by looking at the money they receive as a means of paying others, such as bills and expenses. However, in order to set yourself up for success, paying yourself and setting up an investment strategy should be your first priority.

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High Yield IRA – Not Just For the Super Rich Anymore

Not happy with the return on your retirement accounts? Consider the benefits of secured high returns in a self-directed IRA.

401K Contribution Limits – 401K Limits For Employee and Employers in 2010

There 401K contribution limits for employees and employers that you need to know. Also, here is an easy to understand summary of 401k rules and 401K limits for those employees over age 50.

Roth IRA Conversion Check List

Roth IRA Conversion Checklist Now that 2010 has arrived, all of you with a Traditional IRA have an option to convert it to a Roth IRA and forever have a completely tax free retirement account. I have written several articles, all available on this site, on whether or not the conversion is a good financial decision, particularly if the traditional IRA had built-up substantial deferred income taxes that won’t be paid back until after your death.

Top 10 Reasons to Start a ROTH in 2010

Instead of making resolutions for 2010, how about just making a few smart money moves that will have HUGE impacts on your future. For example, starting a ROTH IRA! You already know you need to start putting aside more for your retirement (or perhaps you’re one of the millions who need to start putting aside something!), and there is no time like the present. So here are 10 reasons to start a ROTH IRA in 2010:

Roth IRA Conversion – The Social Security Factor

In my previous articles on this site, I rendered an opinion that it is not a good financial decision to convert a traditional IRA with a substantial deferred tax liability to a Roth IRA because of the conversion tax. For most, the opportunity cost of paying that tax in a lump sum upon conversion would probably not be recovered during the owner’s life time.

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