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Stock splits happen from time to time so we must understand how they affect us in the investing world. Today, I explain the different types of stock splits, and whether or not they are good for investors. Should you buy a stock based on news that it will be splitting? Find out now!

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00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Stock splits basics
01:59 – Stock access
02:33 – Stock options
04:30 – Reverse split
05:44 – Question


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A Disciplined Retirement Plan

Building a financial plan requires many different elements. Today I will go over the importance of having a disciplined retirement plan. I like to use the word disciplined because to me it means structure.

What Are the SEP IRA Contribution Limits?

It is important to discuss SEP IRA contribution limits to provide comprehensive coverage on this subject matter. Without knowing what your SEP IRA contribution limits are it is difficult to plan and maximize your benefits from your SEP IRA contribution. So here we go.

What Is a SEP IRA? What Are SEP IRA Contribution Limits?

When I was working in Corporate America, in addition to having a 401k retirement plan at work, I had the option of investing in a Traditional or Roth Investment Retirement Account, also referred to as an IRA. But when I was injured and became self employed subsequently, I was exposed to a brand new way to save for retirement through SEP IRA contributions. A SEP IRA is a particular type of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that business owners and self employed individuals (freelancers included) are allowed to invest in for themselves and the employees of their business.

IRA Alternative

With higher taxes looming and stock markets more volatile than ever many individuals are looking for alternatives to their IRA or 401(k). However, few are having success finding a vehicle that gives them many of the same advantages without the risks.

Why Your 401(K) May Change Significantly

Next year, 401(k) plan participants will see the true cost of their retirement accounts for the first time – and many will not be pleased. In April 2012, long-awaited Department of Labor rules designed to improve fee transparency in 401(k) plans will go into effect. Consequently, many employers are changing their 401(k) plan provider in an attempt to lower investment fees and provide stronger investment options.

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