Are AMC Shorts Evil?

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I’ve quickly learned that the passion surrounding AMC’s stock is quite intense. Having a true passion and belief surrounding anything in life is an admirable thing. In this day and age of people seemingly always flip-flopping to whatever is possible, it’s refreshing to see a group of people so grounded in their belief system. I would argue though that part of a, truly, solid belief system is understanding all dynamics that are occurring so you can best position yourself for success. When it comes to AMC, it seems as though the majority of people believe the shorts are evil. Is this true though? In order to best understand why or why not this is the case, we need to take a deeper look into what shorting a stock is and how it works. Once you grasp the full extend to how shorting a stock works in terms of how people enter and exit the trade, you’ll see just how efficient the market place actually is. Let me try to take your passion for AMC to a a whole other level of understanding so you can see that shorts should be welcomed, not shunned away.

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