An Emotional Trader Case Study (Don’t Let This Emotion Creep In)

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As a trader (day trader or swing trader), you will encounter a whole variety of emotions and feelings that can prove to be very costly. While you certainly do need to have valid tools and strategies to make your trades, the true indicator of long term profitable success is how well you can manage your emotions. It’s one thing to “say” that you will manage your emotions, but when those situations come along that really begin to pull the strings of your emotions it all becomes a whole new battle! There is one emotion out there that often times gets overlooked and because of this, is able to creep into the mind’s of traders and cause all kinds of problems. In fact, this emotion is so good at its job that it oftentimes does not even get blamed. The emotion of greed gets wrongly blamed. I want to share a case study with you where I show you some of my personal day trading stock results that illustrate how this emotion works. It’s impossible to “not have emotions” as a trader, so our job is to learn to identify these emotions so that we can be better prepared on how to fight them! Let’s learn about this tricky emotion so it does not creep into our trading strategies and plans!

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The Price For Selling Gold – What to Expect to Get Out of Your Scraps and Jewelry!

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The price of gold remained remarkably stable for long periods of time. In times of crisis gold has an intrinsic value while inflation can plummet the value of your savings.

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