AMC Profits… Did You Make Money The Right Way?

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It’s been a wild ride so far with AMC and lots of traders and investors are making profits on the stock. The tricky part about the stock market though is just because you make money on a stock, does not mean you actually did it the right way. Sure, you can behave badly and have terrible investment strategies; however, the market can still reward you with profits. The problem becomes the creation of bad habits that, given enough time, will eventually bite you hard. I am happy for everyone that has made profits so far on the AMC short squeeze, but I hope you are at least willing to be a bit honest with yourself on your strategy to make money. This is how we all get better as traders and investors: by being honest with ourselves. When it comes to making money from AMC there was definitely a couple of wrong ways to do it, and then there was the right way. Did you make money the right way? Give this video a watch and let’s see how you did!

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