AMC Apes: Strong or Weak Hands? Selling, Holding… or Buying?

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The AMC stock story has been one for the history books. The interesting part about this story though is… it’s still going! History continues to play out before our very eyes and the story of AMC’s stock has reached a very, data driven, important level. The shareholder base in AMC, “the apes”, have created a huge reputation for themselves that is known across both social media and the financial news. Given the recent action in AMC’s stock price, the apes are now being confronted with some very interesting dynamics from a psychology point of view. Will this confrontation lead to strong hands or weak hands? Will the apes being selling, holding, or who knows… even buying more shares of AMC as they believe them to be a bargain? These are all extremely valid questions that, if people are being honest, no one has the answers to. All I can really say is I am enjoying observing this stock market history play out and while I eat my popcorn and sour patch kids. This video has nothing to do with financial advice or even what I think will happen with AMC’s stock. I just want to point out to you, with data, that there is officially an extremely curious situation created due to the fall of AMC. Again, I have no idea what this situation is ultimately going to lead to, my point is… there is a NEW situation that needs to be considered and observed. So let’s see what happens!

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