AMC $35 – Why This Price Level Matters So Much for the Stock!

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AMC’s stock price is now approaching a very important price level that matters a whole lot! The price level of $35 carries with it a significant amount of story lines that no one knows how will play out. I’m well aware there is plenty of speculation, theories and ideas out there about what will happen with AMC stock, but the great thing about price levels is they put the theories and beliefs to a test. I understand it can be very easy to sit around and “talk” about how much you believe; however, when those beliefs are put under stress via price movements, that’s where the true intentions come out. There are no guarantees AMC will even test $35 (although it does seem likely), but if it does, I want to walk you through a few story lines that will be playing out from both the long’s and short’s vantage points. Depending on how the price behaves around $35 I believe will have some very significant impacts to the following price movement. Let’s see what happens and do a deeper dive into why the AMC $35 price level matters so much for the stock!

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