Amazing Gold Chart Signals $11,250 oz, But When?

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This gold chart amazes Mike Maloney–and it’ll amaze you, too. His chart master created an interactive chart you haven’t seen elsewhere and shows the incredibly strong correlation between the 1970s bull market and today, and actually hints at when gold will peak and at what price. Tune in to see how gold is echoing the past and what it likely means for the near future. Download Mike’s best-selling book for free here: Thanks for sharing and clicking that ‘Like’ button. For those wondering why our videos don’t appear in their subscription feed immediately – we release our clips to our free weekly email readers first, then later we publish to YouTube. Sometimes it’s just hours, sometimes it’s a couple of days later. This is to encourage people to join our free newsletter – because one day, we may not have YouTube to rely on. Join our free newsletter list by going to and entering your email address in the ‘Get Market Alerts’ box at the bottom of the page. As always, thank you for your support. M.

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When Is the Right Time to Sell Your Gold and Other Precious Metals?

With the uncertainty of the global markets and the looming fiscal cliff, the price of precious metals will either rise or fall. The best time to sell your precious metals as an investor and as an individual depends on your strategy.

Are Rare Coins or Bullion Coins the Right Investment for You? This Will Help You Decide

If you have money to invest and are looking for places to put it, you may have heard from some sources that rare coins are a good investment. They may or may not be, depending on several factors. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if rare coins are for you.

Fiat Money – The Central Bankers Favorite Drug

The whole world is falling apart; it’s not just in America or Europe, but all over the world. Thanks to central bankers and their monetary policies the whole world is being drugged. That drug is a powerful hallucinogen putting everyone into a dreamlike state. The crazy thing is that everyone is dreaming the same dream. All the people around the world dream about fiat money.

Tips for Selling Gold Nuggets

To get the best price for your gold nuggets, you need to find a buyer who appreciates them as collectable and unique items, not just for their melt value. Natural gold nuggets are special, and you should do your research before selling them so you can get a fair offer.

Simple But Effective Tips In Getting A Good Price For Your Gold

When you own precious metals like gold, it’s natural to be anxious when selling them. After all, they are very valuable. You would want to get the right price for them.

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