All You Do to Me Is Talk Talk! SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap 07.30.21

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The Federal Reserve held its July meeting this week. Once again, it didn’t do anything. But there was certainly plenty of talk to dissect. In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap, host Mike Maharrey does just that with some analysis of the messaging coming out of the Fed meeting, along with a look at the newly released GDP numbers.

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Tune in to the Friday Gold Wrap each week for a recap of the week’s economic and political news as it relates to gold and silver, along with some insightful commentary.

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The Basics When It Comes to Jewelry Selling

There are many available gold buyers all around the world and on many different markets. Be it in the center of the city or on an online environment. But whenever you decide to proceed with this type of transaction there are several things that you should take into account in order to obtain a maximum profit and not get ripped off by anyone.

Silver Investing And Black Swan Events

What is a black swan event? It is a rare, unpredictable event, like a black swan in nature. They are very rare, but every once in a long while, every once in a great many births, one appears.

Why Should You Choose to Sell Your Jewelry?

If you need a large amount of money in a very small amount of time then selling your unwanted pieces of jewelry might be the solution to all your problems. This is because, the prices have not been this high in a very long time. One of the reasons for which you should do so is because it can bring you extra money.

When to Sell Your Jewelry?

There are notes of constant change when it comes to the price of gold. There are days when it reaches high tops but there are days when it goes way down. There are still times when the level is higher then the usual one. If you decide that you want to sell your jewelry, when should you act in order to obtain the largest amount of profit? How could you predict when the price of gold will go up and you should act on it?

A Smart Investment

The benefit of a futures contract is that you can have a different approach. Take for example, an amount that normally is used for buying 50 grams of gold. A contract can be concluded in order to buy or sell 10 times more than usually bought (500 grams of gold).

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