A Tour of My 320 Acre Real Estate Investment

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I apologize for the video taking so long as I know many of you who are also interested in real estate have been requesting a tour. We finally got around to making our way to Northern Michigan to get everything recorded! For those of you who are perhaps newer to the ClayTrader community, I have several streams of income and one of those is via real estate investing. I’m a big believer that one of the best investments you can make to preserve wealth (yes, even more-so than Bitcoin) is via land. There is nothing more physically tangible than the very dirty you walk on! I know I’ve talked about “the land” quite a bit via social media and in my chatroom community, but I wanted to share it all with you as an idea for not only real estate investing, but also to motivate you in terms of what all is possible when you’re willing to put in the time and effort to build multiple streams of income. Let’s get to it!

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Benefits of Silver Bullion Bars

Silver bullion bars are one of the best ways to invest in silver. These silver bars are also known as silver ingot bars, and in general they contain 99.99 percent silver. The sizes of bullion silver bars that you can find usually ranges in sizes from 1 ounce to 5000 ounces.

Why It Pays To Invest In GOLD

Recently the price of gold hit all time highs at over $1400 an ounce. Since then the rate has dropped below $1400 but the Federal Reserve’s latest scheme to buy 600 trillion of the Treasury’s debt, it seems certain that gold is about to reach a new high once again.

Surviving a Hyperinflation Scenario in The United States

Can a hyperinflation happen to the US economy? It’s a scary thought and quite possible in the not too distant future if we continue implementing certain economic policies that can cause it to happen. Rather than discuss what causes hyperinflation, let’s talk about what you can do to get through it and survive.

Year End Gold Futures Update

Gold futures prices hit another all time high recently. Many central banks around the world are in trouble and have become net buyers of gold. Investors are worried about the economy and currency valuations and are using gold as a hedge. Gold prices may continue to rise for many more years.

Bullions – Gold Buyers Call It A Wise Investment

If you want to invest, consider buying gold bullions. As an investment rookie living in Texas, follow the advice of your experienced Houston gold buyer friends.

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