A Simple Stock Scanner for Powerful Results (Day Trader Tools)

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As a day trader in the stock market it can be very tempting to look for powerful results using complex tools and scanners. I can understand why a beginner day trader who is new to the stock market would think this way. It’s rational to think that in order to achieve powerful results, you need powerful and complex trading tools. I’m happy to report this is not the case! In fact, you can use some of the most simple stock scanners for powerful results and they’re totally free! When it comes to the variety of day trader tools that are available, it can feel like an epic ocean of choices, and it is! That’s why I want to show you a simple stock scanner that will be putting you into “smart” circumstances and context as a trader. Everything you will see in this video can be obtained for free (assuming you have $100 to fund your broker, but this $100 can be used to trade with!) and is very straight forward. I hope to encourage you as a day trader that you do not need to constantly be looking for complex solutions. Sometimes the best way to find money making opportunities in the stock market is with pure simplicity! Let me show you this day trader tool!

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