A Huge Crack in the USA Economy?

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I understand USA economy statistics may not be the most interesting topic in the world; however, when it comes to preparing yourself best to make money and grow your wealth, they’re worth paying attention to. In this video I want to point out a newly released statistics that I believe shows a huge crack beginning to form within the economy here in the USA. In some situations, I wouldn’t look very closely at this statistic and worry much, but given the current situation and dynamics occurring, to see an increase is not a good sign. I not only invest in the stock market to grow my wealth, but I am also a real estate investor who is always on the lookout for a potentially great deal. When you see these sorts of potential messes brewing, it gets me excited for some potential investment deals to come in the relatively near future. I know most people won’t watch this video, but to those of you who do, welcome aboard to the serious side of investments that include, at times, needing to look at stereotypically “boring statistics”. As you will see though, you don’t need to have a degree in mathematics or be a statistics major to understand these numbers. A basic knowledge of numbers and some common sense will take you far! Let’s talk about this potentially huge crack!

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