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There are Four Ms to Rule #1 investing that we like to follow when we’re looking for great businesses to invest in… Meaning, Moat, Management, and Margin of Safety. In this video, I want to talk to you about how the 3rd M and how you can spot bad management. http://bit.ly/2pVpIaP

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Investment Strategy For Your 401K

If you have a 401k plan from your job then you must wonder what is it and how does it work? In your retirement account you will notice a lot of names which are called mutual funds.

Roth IRA Conversion – Don’t Do it

Are you considering converting to Roth IRA in 2010 when there are no IRS restrictions? If you decide to do so you are required to pay income taxes on the amount converted. This payment now of the taxes you would ordinarily pay many, many years into the future has a significant opportunity cost that you may not be aware of that makes converting a poor financial decision.

Why You Should Consider a 401k IRA Rollover

A 401k account is an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Many people experience difficulty in deciding what they should do after grabbing a job offer from another company. If you are one of those people who have sleepless nights thinking if you should withdraw your funds or just leave your 401k with your past employer until you reach your retirement age, you must not fail to consider a 401k IRA rollover.

Setting-up a Self Directed Roth IRA

An Individual Retirement Account or IRA is a “must have” for a comfortable retirement. The good thing about this savings account is that you can select from the variety of IRAs available, wherein each has different benefits and tax structures. Many investors believe that the most efficient retirement vehicle is a self directed Roth IRA.

Individual Retirement Account – IRA Contribution Limits?

It’s important that you don’t exceed the IRA contribution limits when it comes to investing in your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Here’s the current numbers you’ll need to consider.

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