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It’s no secret that your credit score can have a major impact on your ability to get approved for financing—but did you know that your credit score can even affect your ability to rent an apartment or secure certain jobs? http://bit.ly/2zrDXLA

In this video I’ll give you 5 tips to improving your credit score which will, in turn, benefit your investing practice as well.

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Personal 401k Rules

Everyone needs to have money rules. If you do not have some structure around how you handle money, it will flow through your fingers like water. If you are like many people, you do not have any hard and fast rules about money.

Planning to Roll Over Your 401k?

Have you ever had the pleasure of receiving an audit letter from the IRS? You walk back from your mailbox with the fearful nervousness that you may owe more in taxes than you had originally thought. You slowly remember that you rolled over your old 401k to an IRA last year, and are confused as to why you now may owe money for this action. Understanding the communications sent from the custodians where the accounts are held and knowing which IRS forms you will need, should help to put this issue to bed.

Market Wave Patterns & the Dynamics of Compound Loss

No coin has only one side. Like up cycles, down cycles are an inevitable part of the financial markets and the economies they are supposed to reflect. The Financial Crisis was in large part brought on by a mind boggling lack of forward-thinking and priority given to providing reliable safeguards that would automatically kick in and protect Core Financial Assets when the market coin flipped heavily to the negative side.

Retirement Plans – Basic Ideas About 401k Retirement Plan

It is important for a family to have some preparation for the future; the reason why employees need to save up for something that’s intended for the future, say when retirement comes. This should be something that’s set aside for that purpose. This is the basic idea behind a 401k plan.

Basic Options For Saving For Retirement

It’s probably occurred to you that you should save for retirement, but for those without any idea of how they’d like to go about it, here’s an overview of some popular options. This article goes over the basics of how a 401k, IRA, or investing in real estate can work for your retirement plans.

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