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Too Late for Gold?

Gold mining stocks have posted big gains, but there may be more on the horizon. When the odds are in your favor, you have to make the bet. You have to take the initiative and go for it.

4 Things Collectors Should Know Before Seeking Cash for Silver

Silver is a soft transition metal that is popular among investors and collectors alike. Before collectors try to get cash for silver, they should take these four aspects of a sale into consideration. The more prepared sellers are, the more likely they are to be satisfied by the transaction.

Beware the Fool’s Gold Rush

Counterfeiting has been around for centuries. It’s big business. But with the recent discovery of fake gold bars bearing a highly respected mark, where you buy has become more important than what you buy.

Is the Gold Rally Doomed?

Wall Street is finally jumping on board the gold bull train. But this broad acceptance could mean that the biggest gold rally in 25 years is due for a well-deserved rest.

Australian Coin Investing

Investing in rare coins can be profitable, if you know what you are doing! When collector/investors consider investing in rare coins, United States coins usually come to mind. In this article we will discuss investing in Australian rare coins.

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