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A couple weeks ago we went over 5 GREAT things you could do with your tax return money… now I want to go over some really bad (but tempting) ways you could spend the extra cash. http://bit.ly/2lzTTSx

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How to Withdraw a 401k Early

There are certain 401k rules that must be followed if you withdrawal 401k funds early. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to 401k distributions.

Golden IRA – The Safest Investment Option

IRA means Individual Retirement Account. As we know today, the uncertainty about the financial condition is moving across the globe. None of us know what will happen tomorrow. Due to sudden natural disasters and overvalued stock markets, many people are not sure about their future. This uncertainty about future makes their mind to invest in metals IRA mainly golden IRA. Golden IRA is a self directed individual retirement account program in which a person can open a Gold IRA or can also switch their present or current IRA into golden IRA. Some major and trusted companies also give their first preference to golden IRA.

Cash Out 401k – It’s Your Money

The reason for a 401k is to be a source of income for that person after the age of 59 1/2. This is to supplement any Social Security payment and the federal assistance seniors receive.

401k Rollover to IRA – From Company Control to Private Control

It is possible to do a 401k rollover to IRA without a penalty. This is because both types of investments are authorized tax deferred investments. The reason this is usually done is because of the account holder is either changing employers or unhappy with their employers choice of investments. The other common reason is that a person has reached retirement age with their company and is dismissed and has decided to reinvest their 401k funds into a private individual retirement fund.

Catch Up IRA – It’s Never Too Late

The maximum contribution allowed under the simplified employee pension IRA limits for 2009 are capped at 25% of that person’s salary. The simple IRA has a standard limit of $11500 with a catch up limit of $14000 for the year 2009.

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