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January 1st will be here soon. It’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions – you know, losing weight, eating out less (but not eating less Chipotle). But there’s another type of fitness to consider – our financial fitness! Let’s discuss the 5 financial resolutions you need to set in 2020. http://bit.ly/2ZifKCC

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Using A Self Directed IRA to Meet Commercial Capital Needs

The SDIRA (Self Directed IRA) can be an extremely important tool for filling the void in meeting commercial capital needs. The credit crisis has made it very difficult to obtain funding using the traditional methods of bank financing. This has created a scenario in which it is necessary to find alternative funding sources. Read on to find out more….

How Owning Real Estate Within an IRA Affects Your Profits and Expenses

If you are thinking about the pros and cons of owning real estate within an IRA, there are a few things to keep in mind. A real estate IRA works much the same as any other self directed IRA. You still get tax deductions. You still get tax-free profits. You still get to make your own decisions about what to invest in.

What Most People Don’t Know About Real Estate in an IRA

Simply put, real estate in an IRA is really just a self directed IRA that features real estate investments. The self directed IRA was created in 1974 at the same time as (what we’ve come to know as) a traditional IRA or 401(k).

What You Should Know Before You Invest in Real Estate in an IRA

Are you considering taking advantage of some of the opportunities that real estate in an IRA presents? You probably have a lot of questions if this is your first time investing in a real estate IRA. Actually, the term “real estate IRA” is really just jargon for a self directed 401(k) or IRA that invests in real estate as its asset.

Why More People Want a Real Estate IRA Than Ever Before

You may be wondering what exactly is involved in a real estate IRA. Actually, a real estate IRA is a type of real estate investment in a self directed IRA or 401(k). Self directed IRAs were created in order to create an alternative retirement plan to conventional IRAs that typically uses things such as stocks and bonds. (It’s important to note that many types of self directed retirement accounts still invest in stocks, bonds, or CDs.)

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