5 Facts Of Day Trading

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The fastest way to find success as a day trader is to understand these five facts about day trading. Each of these facts plays a huge role in determining your understanding of the market and how you need to behave as a trader. When you keep these facts as the central piece of any day trading strategy, you will be able to develop rules and systems that make sense and then, in the grand scheme of it all, make you money! I have been trading for over 15 years and I don’t say that because it automatically makes me a good trader, rather, I say it because I have done many dumb things over my career and am well versed in the stupidity a trader can allow to happen. However, when you focus on these five facts about day trading, they will assist you in avoiding the many dumb things traders can do and keep you pointed in the direction of discipline and rational decision making. And no worries, if you are someone who hates being lectured or educated “in theory”, there will be none of that here. I use some of my personal day trading results to illustrate exactly what I mean! Learn these five facts and you are setting yourself up on a solid ground for finding success and making money as a trader!

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All You Need to Know About Gold Investment

Commodity market is just as big as the stock market. And due to the lack of knowledge most people fear to invest in precious commodities like gold and silver. This article aims to deliver a handy guide to assist your decision to invest in gold.

Is It Time to Buy Silver?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know that silver has had a major correction over the past week. The precious metal plummeted about 30% from a high of almost $50 an ounce to less than $35 yesterday. This six-day drop is one of the largest since 1983.

Silver and Gold Prices Continue to Climb – Is It Time To Make a Move?

Is it time to make a move, and get an ounce of silver sent to your mailbox every single month? As prices continue to climb, is it time to make a move? Well?

What Is Going On With Silver?

If I could summarize the thoughts of silver investors over the last five days it might be: What is going on with silver? Is the run over? Do I sell? Do I buy more? Do I curl up in the corner and just cry and wait until it’s over? If gold and silver were in an insane asylum, gold would be mumbling to itself walking down the halls and silver would be in a straight jacket locked up in a padded room. In other words, silver can act crazy sometimes… like a 170% move up in the past eight months or a 60% fall in 2008 or what it is doing now, a 30% correction in five days and counting. Silver is much easier to kick around than gold.

Why You Should Buy Pamp Suisse Gold Bars

Someone who wants to get uncompromised quality in the long and short run should buy Pamp Suisse gold Bars because they are worthwhile investment. Those who invest in these bars enjoy the same benefits like those who invest in gold coins and other gold commodities.

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