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Is It Necessary to Purchase Property Outright for Real Estate Investment in IRA Accounts?

A real estate investment in an IRA may seem like a huge investment for those of us that have been saving up our retirement funds for years and years. Even if you’ve paid maximum contribution levels for several years, purchasing a property could put a huge dent in the savings.

How Putting Real Estate in an IRA Could Help You Attain Your Retirement Dream Home

There are a lot of questions about putting real estate into an IRA, and there should be. This category of self directed IRAs is almost an entity unto itself, yet it still falls under a self directed IRA investment. What does this mean? You have to pay special attention to self-dealing, disqualified persons, and prohibited transactions for one. It also has its own set of allowable investments.

3 Things You Should Know Before You Choose a Self Directed IRA Trustee

A self directed IRA trustee or custodian is required for all self directed investors by law. The trustee acts as a middleman between the SDIRA and the investor. One may not go out and find a random trustee or custodian, nor may they appoint themselves trustee of their own SDIRA. The trustee or custodian must be approved by the IRS.

5 Reasons Self Directed IRA Investments With Checkbook Control Could Mean Trouble

If you like the idea of taking your retirement into your own hands with self directed IRA investments, checkbook control may be just the perk you are looking for. After all, you decided to do this so that you could have control over your investment decisions, checkbook control would only make sense, right? Wrong…

Are You Looking for a Self Directed IRA Business That Allows Checkbook Control?

My suggestion – read this article and think twice. It’s really no surprise that someone interested in a self directed IRA business would want to directly manage their IRA funds. After all, part of the lure of a SDIRA is that ability to take control of your financial destiny.

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