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Always look for a company with an excellent moat or competitive advantage, and it’s your job to take a good look at the company whose stock you want to buy and identify their moat. Let’s talk about some of the different types of competitive advantages that a business can have.

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How to Find a Custodian That Offers a Truly Self Directed IRA

Let’s face it; the self directed IRA is a bit of a buzzword these days after the market took a nosedive starting in 2007 and recovering in the last two quarters of 2009. People with retirement plans bailed out of their traditional IRAs at the tune of $72 billion nationwide. Many people decided to roll over to a truly self directed IRA.

6 Steps to Creating a Self Directed IRA

In theory, a self directed IRA should be treated the same as any other type of Individual Retirement Account or 401(k). In fact, the self directed IRA has been in existence since 1974 – just like all of the other IRAs. The big difference is that you have a lot more investment options than a traditional IRA.

Self Directed Traditional IRA Or Self Directed Roth IRA – Which Is Better?

Did you know that most people don’t even know much about self directed IRAs much less the differentiation between a self directed traditional IRA and a self directed Roth IRA? Considering that only 40% of the American population even has an IRA, with only a small percentage of those being self directed, it really isn’t a surprise.

Pros and Cons of Owning Silver As an Inflation Hedge in Your IRA

Concerned about America’s future, wondering if you will ever retire? What will your savings buy tomorrow? American’s have a lot of concerns about the future.

Small Business 401k Options to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Plan Provider

A good 401k can help to attract new employees to your business, as well as ensuring that you retain your current employees and help them to provide for their future. There are many different 401k plan types from which to choose. Different plans have different contribution limits and need different amounts of administration.

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