401k To Gold IRA Rollover

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401K To Gold IRA Rollover

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Hi everyone, welcome to the most entrancing gold investment channel on YouTube! I am the Gold Investment Nerd, and I am your host! As with all of my other videos, I will provide you all with information which is upstanding, solid and even handed.

In this latest video, I will be examining how you can perform a 401K to gold IRA rollover. I will also include some links below the video for the gold investment company who I believe are the #1 firm for gold IRA investments, and you can order a 100% FREE gold investment kit from them!

On my channel I will publish videos which discuss all different aspects of investing in physical gold bullion, from retirement funds to owning rare coins. The reason I created this channel was to educate investors and help them better understand how investing in gold can provide you with excellent opportunities.

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401(k) To Gold IRA Rollover

If you are anything like me as an investor you will find it very difficult to resist the appeal of precious metals, especially gold. Gold, as an asset, is one of the most popular investments, and one of the main reasons for this is because it can bring highly profitable returns to any investment portfolio.

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The majority of investors consider gold to be safe as an investment opportunity, and an excellent hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty thanks to the inverse relationship that it has with the US dollar.

With all of this said though, how would one go about performing a 401(k) to gold IRA rollover, you may be wondering. Well, it is important that you understand that the majority of 401(k) plans do not offer investors the ability to hold physical gold, or any other form of gold investment. However, if you want to use your 401(k) to invest in gold, then it can be done. In this video we will explore the avenue that the majority of investors utilize to invest in gold with their 401(k) and the reasons why it is such an appealing investment opportunity.

How To Use Your 401(k) To Invest In Gold

It is not unusual for investors to rollover a 401(k) plan that they hold into an alternative retirement investment vehicle, such as a Roth or a traditional IRA. This is a pretty common thing to do when someone leaves a job and they would prefer to hold all of their retirement savings in one account to keep things simple. Something else that is becoming more and more common amongst savvy investors is rolling over a 401(k) into a gold IRA in order to diversify their retirement savings.

If you haven’t heard of a gold IRA before, it is a self-directed, gold-backed individual retirement account. This kind of retirement account is relatively new, as the legislation to allow holding gold in an IRA came about with the advent of the Taxpayer Relief Act 1997.

A gold IRA is a long term investment which holds gold, or other precious metals, in an account much the same way as a traditional IRA would hold paper-based assets. The assets are held in an IRS-approved vault by a custodian on your behalf. It should be said that it is only investment grade bullion which can be held in an IRA, gold bullion bars and coins must have minimum purity of 99.95%, and silver must have a minimum purity of 99.99%.

To set up a gold IRA you would set up a self-directed IRA with a gold IRA company who can facilitate the new account with a custodian, and purchase the metals you want to hold in your account.

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