401k Into Gold IRA Rollover

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401k Into Gold IRA Rollover

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Hello, welcome to the most informative gold investment channel on YouTube! I am your host, the Gold Investment Nerd, and in this video I will be presenting you with information which is earnest, trustworthy and authentic.

In this brand new video, I will discuss how to do a 401k into gold IRA rollover, and I will also include some links below the video where you can visit my #1 recommended gold IRA company, and receive a FREE gold investment guide from them!

On my channel you will find videos covering a variety of gold investment topics, including direct ownership of gold bullion, gold IRAs, how to invest in gold, and all manner of advice on how, all with the aim of educating my viewers on how gold can really compliment your investment portfolio.

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401K Into Gold IRA Rollover

If you are currently enrolled in an employer-sponsored 401k retirement plan, you may have given thought to adding gold bullion to your investment portfolio, and with good reason. Gold is an excellent asset to hold in your retirement portfolio as it diversifies your holdings. However, it is not an asset which you are allowed to hold in your 401k. But there is an option for those who want to add physical gold to their retirement portfolio. A 401k into gold IRA rollover.

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It is a simple process to open a gold IRA, contact a reputable gold IRA company, open an account with them, fund the account through a rollover or transfer from your current 401k and then use the funds to buy the gold bullion you choose to hold in your account.

Why is Gold So Vital?

During the banking crisis of 2008 thousands of investors lost large amounts of capital. It was devastating to thousands of ordinary, hard-working Americans, like you and I. There are warning signs that a similar situation could arise at any time, as such, I will take a few moments to share with you all why I invest in gold, and why I believe that it is vital that you do too.

Reasons To Invest In Gold


Having a diverse portfolio is essential for protecting your retirement. A gold IRA will act as a hedge against the uncertainties of the economy and the stock market, and provide real security to your nest egg.

Tax Efficiency

Gold individual retirement accounts (gold IRAs) are an extremely efficient way of securing your financial future. Gold investment experts will be able to advise you on the tax breaks you could receive if you were to invest in a gold IRA.


Ever since the beginning of modern civilization, over 3000 years ago, gold has been a high worth asset. Due to the continual stock market uncertainty gold’s popularity, and its price, continues to rise.

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