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In this video I give you some ways that you can circumvent taxes year to year with investing accounts. Avoiding having to pay some of your annual taxes and investing with that money instead can help you have a more financially stable retirement. http://bit.ly/2FEKmZa

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Why is a 401k So Important?

The benefits of having access to a 401k retirement investment account through your employer are numerous. Although there are many retirement plan investment and savings options, the 401k may be one of the easiest and least time consuming to fund to.

Roth IRA Limits – Are You Eligible For Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA differs from the traditional IRA in that it has no tax deductions unlike the latter. However, it enjoys benefits that are unique to it and therefore set it apart from all the other retirement plans. To determine whether or not one can benefit from it and if so how one can benefit, it’s key to consider the limits of Roth IRA.

Determining Your Maximum IRA Contribution

Determining the maximum IRA contribution sounds like something reserved for accountants and tax lawyers and well beyond a regular person’s ability. It seems highly technical. However, thanks to the information age, it’s something any person can do for himself or herself. How does one go about it? Here are a few simple steps to help anyone determine their maximum IRA contribution.

Consider the Pros and Cons of IRA Withdrawals

Have you planned for your retirement? If not, you will need to begin as soon as possible. This involves savings, investments, debt reduction and elimination, lifestyle changes and goals, psychological and social health, and more. You can use a 401k if your employer offers one. There are also many online resources and calculators available.

A Look at SEP – Is it For You?

Preparing for retirement is a necessary part of the work life. Many people find the process of setting up a retirement plan cumbersome. For small business owners especially, an easy plan to set up and operate is priceless.

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