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In this video I talk about 3 of the biggest lies about investing in the stock market that far too many people believe to be true. Hopefully this video will dispel some of those myths out there and you can regain your confidence as a small investor! http://bit.ly/2qUbZD2

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Roth IRA Rules – Navigating the Guidelines

For many people who are interested in beginning the type of long range planning necessary to secure a retirement for themselves and their families, the idea of an individual retirement account (IRA) is an attractive notion. Still, whenever these acronyms are tossed about by government ad financial types, the eyes of the average layperson have a tendency to glaze over – even when the subject being discussed is really not as complex or difficult as it sounds.

Roth Vs The Chief Advantage of a Roth IRA

One thing that most of us begin to realize far too late in life is just how important it can be to properly prepare for our financial futures upon retirement. Social Security and other government entitlement programs were always designed to be supplemental income during the twilight years of our lives and, as millions of senior citizens have discovered, trying to survive with just that income alone is a difficult prospect for any individual.

Discover the Best Roth IRA For You

In choosing the best Roth IRA, you would have to think about where you could earn the most by the time you cash in on your investment. The best kind should give you a steady income flow into your investment account without incurring a lot of costs. Wit Roth IRA, your investment activities are not limited which means, you have a lot of investment options to choose from.

Self Directed IRA is Your Best Bet For Private Money

There are many ways to raise private money. Some of them are easy and some of them are not so easy. But if you ask a person who has already made investments privately, then he would say that self directed IRAs are the easiest options to raise money privately. We would, in this article; look at some of the key facts relating to self directed IRA as far as raising private money is concerned.

Roth IRA Contribution Limits – Is There a Difference?

The contribution limit of Roth IRA is similar to that of the other IRAs there is actually no difference, and the intentions of the federal government into its imposition, is the fact that this is for the working classes who do not have a retirement benefit plan. Currently the contribution limit for the Roth IRA is five thousand dollars, and it is subject to annual increase depending on the rate of inflation. Now the good thing about this is fact that the contribution may not have to pay all at once.

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