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You may hit some roadblocks on your way to becoming a successful investor. But the goal is to become so knowledgable and certain that you’re investing in the right companies, that you never lose money. Today, I discuss market mistakes to avoid and how I learned from them.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Personal failures
01:27 – NeXT Computer
07:15 – Lesson from NeXT Computer
07:41 – Chipotle
09:00 – Lesson from Chipotle
09:54 – Why debt is deadly
11:08 – Horsehead Corporation
11:26 – Lesson from debt
13:00 – Question


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Creating Stable IRA Income Out Of Your 401k

When you get close to retirement your needs change from saving to needing a stable IRA income stream. Creating that IRA income stream is really simple but there are so many options that it can be confusing. Making sure you don’t make any mistakes in the next 3-5 years is pivotal in keeping you in retirement.

Capitalizing On A Roth Conversion for Financial Stability at Retirement

If you are checking out the topic of retirement preparation, it would be foolhardy not to learn about the extraordinary advantages that executing a Roth conversion can bring to the table for informed people who are setting up their retirements. Truth be told, you will find investment experts who walk the fence when it comes to endorsing this retirement savings plan. But, in my humble opinion, a Roth IRA is preferable over the standard individual retirement account for just one significant reason.

Contribution Limits of 401(K)

The 401(k) retirement plan is a great retirement account for the employees available at present. The plan allows the employees to collect certain amount of money during their career by saving money to get reasonable amount as pension for the retirement life.

Withdrawal Rules of 401k

Most of the Americans are maintaining a retirement plan sponsored by their employer and these pension plans are known as the 401k plans. While considering the withdrawal in this plan, you have to proceed carefully.

401K Retirement Plan: The Basics

The 401k retirement plan is from a series of retirement plans which is known as the defined contribution plan in US. This is a special kind of account that is funded using pre-tax payroll deductions. These funds can be used to invest in various bonds, mutual funds, stocks or any other assets.

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