2008 Real Estate Bubble All Over Again?

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Who remembers the 2008 financial crisis? I do! It was a crazy period of time that produced some unimaginable hardships for those who were not prepared. As is the case with any historical situation, there are lots of opinions on the causes and who should have been held responsible. Regardless of your thoughts on the circumstances that lead up to 2008 and who you blame, the fact of the matter is, some of these underlying themes are slowly creeping their way back into the picture. It’s amazing how all it seems to take is a bit more than a decade for everyone’s memory to disappear so we can start to repeat history all over. Bank of America just made an announcement that has me scratching my head. As a real estate investor, I’m not totally disappointed as it has the potential to begin to create some great deals; however, as a fellow human being, I want to do this video so I can at least say, “I tried to warn you!” when I’m buying real estate properties for pennies on the dollar. Let’s do our best to learn from history so we don’t repeat it!


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