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Rare American Coins and the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

Flowing hair dollars are very scarce compared to Morgan & Peace dollars, and yet they are reasonable priced for their scarcity. They have an attractive design and are far less standardized than Morgan or Peace dollars.

What Gold Buyers Need To Understand About The End Of Gold-Backed Currency

When looked at critically, the only thing that is backing money is the credit of the government. Therefore, increasing money supply effectively leads to lowered purchasing power of the dollar, which is comparable to what happens when companies issue extra shares of stock, hence diluting ownership of existing owners. On the other hand, gold remains consistent, while maintaining its inherent value, which makes it a reliable investment.

Rare American Coins As an Investment Medium

As late as the early 1970’s, the coin market was dominated by dealers and collectors. Even though the collectors often made money on their coins, they didn’t consider themselves to be investors.

What Gold Buyers Need To Do Before Investing

Unless you’re buying gold merely as a hobby, it’s critically important that you perform a thorough evaluation before making any investment decision. MoneySmart, an initiative by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission, provides a very useful step-by-step guide that can help you make the best decision.

Important Advice For Gold Buyers From Expert Investors

Among all the precious metals in existence, gold has constantly been the most favored one. This can be attributed to three key characteristics that it possesses: portability, fungibility (useful as a medium of exchange) and acceptance all over world. The value of this precious metal has consistently increased throughout the years, making it a splendid investment.

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