0% Loan For Your Vehicle Purchase… Should You?

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It’s a hot topic in the world of personal finance and money management: 0% interest rate loans. Should you purchase a vehicle (or any item) that is advertising a 0% interest rate specials ? In many ways, these almost seems too good to be true. I’ve heard many people claim it is “free money”. I want people to succeed with their money and make good decisions. The best method to making a good strategy revolving around money is to gain full understanding of how something, actually, works. I’ve had a few social media posts go viral which focused on vehicles and the talking point that came up over and over again was centered on car payments, an in particular, 0% interest rate loans. It was clear these people cared about their personal finances, which is awesome; however, they were revealing a few blind spots in their logic surrounding certain financial decisions they made. I’m not perfect when it comes to managing money and personal finances, so none of this is said in judgement. I hope to show you a few aspects regarding 0% interest rate loans that open your eyes wider to how it all works. This way, you’ll have full logic and reasoning behind the next big financial decision you face that may (or may not) involve 0% loans!

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